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Frequently Asked Questions

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Teeth Whitening
What is teeth whitening?
What are the side-effects of teeth whitening?
How long will the teeth whitening last?
I brush and floss my teeth regularly, why aren't my teeth white?

What are veneers?
How long do Veneers last?
How many appointments do I need for Veneers?

Root Canal Treatment
How Does Root Canal Disease Occur?
Does Root Canal Treatment hurt?
Why Couldn''t You Just Remove the Tooth?
Why shouldn't I see a specialist Endodontist to fix my root canal problem?

Oral Hygiene
What is periodontal disease?
Why should I be aware of the link between heart disease and periodontal disease?
How does periodontal disease increase my risk for heart disease?

Post Operative Instructions (After Tooth Extraction)
Do not disturb the wound.
Avoid tobacco products and alcohol.
Do not spit or suck through a straw
Sore jaw joint
Anesthesia warning
Long term problems
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