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Smile Gallery

Here are some examples of the work that is regularly carried out in our clinic:

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a simple procedure that can be performed on almost all patients. As can be seen here, a great result can be easily achieved.


This 57 year old female wanted a cosmetic improvement. Following detailed planning and study we agreed that porcelain crowns on the upper 4 front teeth would achieve the best possible, long-term result. This patient was thrilled with the improvement.

Crown and Veneer

This 42 year old female wanted upper right front teeth evened out and the teeth colour improved. 2 porcelain veneers and 2 crowns gave a much improved smile and the patient was more confident smiling and showing her teeth.

Implant and Crowns

This 38 year old female had a missing upper right premolar and other discoloured and misaligned teeth. With one implant and crown placements, this patient was amazed at her improved confidence and quality of life.


This 52 year old man had a missing upper right premolar. One implant and crown gave him back his full smile.

Filling Replacement

Not only are white fillings aesthetically pleasing, they are also a strong alternative to silver amalgam filings.

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